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About Us

Our Story

Our story begins with 3 guiding principles that helped launch this storied enterprise.  Life is about maintaining great relationships, pursuing one’s passions, and of course, enjoying all that life has to offer.  Living up to these three ideals, friends and self-proclaimed Mexican food lovers, Mike Singh and Teddy Manotoc, had a desire to bring the flavors that they loved so much while they lived in the U.S back home.  The whole idea in the beginning was to offer delicious snacks that they knew the Filipinos would love as much as they did.  Starting small, they began with a food cart back in 1994, the fresh college grad duo accurately predicted that the wildly popular Mexican food would be well-suited to the Filipino palate.   Determined to bring the taste of Mexico back to their home country in the Philippines,  they borrowed a few thousand dollars from their parents, and with just a hope and a dream, they went into the fledgling food cart industry and opened their first outlet in 1995. 

Their dream of establishing Mexican food snacks in their old stomping grounds came true as they became one of the first food cart pioneers that turned into having several hundred outlets nationwide.

So, where were we? After 25 years of running Nacho King, Singh and Manotoc’s formula of adopting the traditional Mexican recipe which suits the Filipino taste, has grown to become a beloved brand and a staple in malls all over the Philippines, and is still going strong and venturing into being the chosen brand for home snacking.   Today, they offer a line of nachos and dips that isn’t a junk food, but a better alternative to snacking, which are now available in local groceries.  Their vision has evolved into an initiative that supports local farmers and raises the quality of locally grown food, instilling pride and trust in the Filipino manufacturer and products. 

Okay, so we skipped a few milestones but you can check them out here: We’re telling you, it’s a trip!


Our vision for is to be able to establish local brands as high-quality goods that would trump international ones and be the go-to for Filipinos. We want to inspire a world where having fun and exploring creativity is not limited to just non-food options.  We care about our community and so we want to support our own, from our farmers to the consumers, by offering all-natural, locally sourced, and farm fresh products. 


We created Nacho King with the intention of making snacking a guilt-free experience.  Our mission to become a household name – a go-to brand for snacking, with products that are versatile enough to consider as pantry staples.

Our primary goal is to be able to offer premium and sustainably made snacks that are locally sourced. We want to grow as a brand where sustainability and fair trade is at the forefront, in ways like lessening our carbon footprint by staying local, and offering premium prices to our farmers.

We wish to inspire making snack time a fun and adventurous experience, making it more “personalized” through an offering of different dips and flavors.



Let’s face it, sometimes we feel guilty when it comes to snacking, but we are way ahead of you.  What if the snack you had didn’t have its nutrients stripped and stayed true to the recipe, which frankly, Mother Nature would probably also approve of?  Nacho King offers you snacks that are healthier (and diminishes that “oh-no-I-shouldn’t-eat-that” feeling) yet still delicious. 

When you see the name Nacho King, there’s that sense of nostalgia from getting these delicious nachos from the mall and knowing that you’re getting the best tasting snack you can get your hands on.  Nacho King Corporation is a Filipino company that values pride in not just our national products but the skill and creativity of every Filipino, from farmer to entrepreneur and everything in between.  Yep! we think about everyone.  Since 1995, we have been able to entrench our brand as a name known for snacks to grab while at the mall or cinema. 

Being in business for 25 years, we’ve figured out what Filipinos like taste-wise to a T, and we have also become increasingly more aware of the impact that all of us have on Earth.  What we offer are delicious and improved options for better snacking at home, or wherever you are --  that are good for us and our planet. 

As we explore a shift into becoming a more responsible and sustainable brand, we are currently looking into using more eco-friendly sunflower oil in lieu of palm oil, and getting our salt from local sources like the Pangasinan salt supplier, Salinas.

Supporting local is important to us. We understand that maintaining a focus on community affords everyone the opportunity to advance, therefore elevating not just our own goods and services, but lifting our nation as a whole as well.  For our farmer-friendly initiative, we give our local growers a price at a premium to the market with a contractually guaranteed purchase in return for quality and reliability.  We also act as a sister company to finance seeds and fertilizers, and support our farmers’ mechanization through financing and/or leased use of our drying machines.

We are proud to chip in through these sustainable business practices that we will be implementing. We will continue to find more ways wherein we can be as environmentally responsible as we continue to move into the future.