International Franchising

First-StoreFounded: 1995
Owners:Teodoro Manotoc, Michael Singh
Country of Origin: Philippines
Year Started Franchising: 1998


Nacho King! serves through counter-type and cart-type kiosks nacho corn tortilla chips with dips including cheese, salsa, beef, chili beef, sour cream, jalapeños, and others. Product line extensions include quesadillas, burritos, pockets, and more, which are mostly applicable for counter-type units only.

Proprietary Products

Nacho King! manufactures its own nacho corn tortilla chips in its own manufacturing facility (starting from raw corn kernels), and also manufactures its own cheese, salsa, beef, and chili beef.

Franchise Background

Nacho King! started its first franchise in 1998. Since then it has born many new entrepreneurs fulfilling their dreams of becoming business owners. We work with you one on one, first to identify what your goals and/or business objectives are, do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, do you have enough capital to invest, and most importantly, have you chosen a location or locations that you feel good about. We will collaborate every step of the way ironing out as much of the details as possible and the ‘what if’ scenarios. When you decide to invest, you are on your way to becoming a proud entrepreneur.

Nacho King currently opened in Jakarta, Indonesia, and is rapidly expanding there. Inquiries from around the Asian and Middle East regions continue to pour in.


Joining the Nacho King! family as a franchisee means you will be taking advantage of the following amazing benefits built over the last 20 years:

The Product

Everything that is served at Nacho King! has been prepared by us or exclusively for us. Every single ingredient is meticulously made to meet our quality standards. This is why you will never find anything like it. Our products consist of corn tortilla chips with various toppings like nacho cheese, salsa, jalapenos, chili beef, and many others.

Name Recognition

Instant customer base! How does that sound? A household name, people will see the signs and go to your branch because they know you serve those one-of-a-kind Nacho King! nachos. We have built our name over the last 16 years, since 1995. Over the last 10 years, inquiries from around the world have come in the thousands, and overseas contract workers in foreign Asian countries know the tried and true name in nachos.

Unmatchable Product & Concept

Sixteen years in the making, we have yet to have a major direct competitor in our field. Why? Because our products are of the purest ingredients and are difficult to replicate or source. Nobody serves nachos with our superior quality, fresh, fast, and hot on the spot.

Low Cost of Goods

Since we make majority of our products in-house, your price is as low as it gets. If we buy it elsewhere, our volume/buying discount is passed on directly to you.

A Proven Business System

The system you will be trained with has been tried and tested over the last fifteen years and hundreds of outlets.

Guaranteed Lowest Franchise Fees & Fixed Low Royalty Fees

We have competitive franchise fees and royalties in the market. This is because we are after long-term growth and commitment rather than short-term profits.

Location Selection

We will help you find and choose locations, evaluate feasibility, negotiate leases, and help deliver and set-up your store/cart.

Personnel Recruitment

Realizing this may be your first crack at a foodservice business, or a business for that matter, we will help you if needed find qualified staff to assist in running your outlets efficiently and effectively.


Our training is as detailed and extensive as training can get. You will learn everything from cart operations, customer service, inventory controls, profitability management, and marketing techniques, among many others.

Operating Assistance

We will constantly monitor how you fair and we will continuously provide you with support and assistance. We have a dedicated franchise department with qualified staff who is always available to you on call and are 100% committed to the success of your franchise!

Additional Income

Aside from your store/kiosk operations, you can also gain additional income from caterings in parties, fairs, bazaars, and more. Look into wholesale distribution and our Mobile cart program also. If applicable, ask about the unique opportunity to be a manufacturer/distributor of our proprietary products.

Franchise Partner Assessment

  1. Level of interest of applicant.  Desire exclusivity for the entire country or only for a specific territory?
  2. What is the store development schedule?  The goal is to identify the number of stores you would like to open over a period of 3 years.
  3. How strong is your ability to secure spaces, particularly strategic locations? Do you have existing contacts in possible locations for Nacho King!?
  4. What is your experience in food retail, if any (not required)? Level of work and commitment involved in food retail.
  5. Who is applying for the franchise?  A company or an individual?
  6. Knowledge of food retail requirements with the government?
  7. Marketing.  What are the plans to market the brand in your country?  Who if any has marketing experience?
  8. What are the operational costs of operating a business like this in your country? e.g. Rental rates, salaries and wages, other operating expenses.
  9. What is the cost of sales? Determine what supplies or items will come from Manila. As franchisor, we will provide documents for the entry of supplies but our cost will be FOB.  Franchisee will handle shipment and entry costs to your country.  For other supplies, we will assess accreditation of suppliers in your country.
  10. How will we price our products?  Please provide at least 5 prices of similar product in your market.  Competitive prices are critical to assisting us determine prices that will be acceptable to the market.
  11. Assess timeline to implementation:
    1. Finalization of fees and figures.
    2. Investment for a Nacho King! store.  We can provide the standard store design and ask that you get quotations to build it.
    3. Qualification Forms and Market Study Forms.
    4. Master Franchise Agreement signing.
    5. Time table to build the store.


International Master Franchise Inquiry Process

Step 1: Due diligence discussions between proprietors of Nacho King! and interested parties.
Step 2: Complete applications completed and submitted.
Step 3: Review of High-Level Master Franchise Proposal. Agree and sign-off on all existing and available information, review and agree on all unknowns and ‘what if’ scenarios including subsequent phases of development and accompanying changes in estimated fees and/or expenses.
Step 4: ‘Serious intent to pursue’ down payment fee paid (applied to Master Franchise fee, but not refundable if not pursued).
Step 5: In-country visit by proprietor.
Step 6: Review of Final Master Franchise Proposal, Master Franchise Agreement, and year 1 Master Franchisee requirements (e.g. training dates, minimum number of store openings and opening dates, etc).
Step 7: Signing of Master Franchise Agreement and payment of Master Franchise Fee.
Step 8: Master Franchise Launch & Implementation


Site Requirements

A counter-type kiosk requires 150-200 square feet of space with utility hook-ups. You may also require an additional 100 square feet of space for offsite storage.

For a cart-type kiosk, any frying will be done at the counter-type kiosk or at the commissary. This allows for a unit size of about 50-75 square feet. Flexible designs are available and Nacho King! offers  store options that are customized to a variety of venue types. This is why you will find our stores in a variety of locations such as malls, outlet centers, colleges and universities, transportation sites like airports and train stations, and non-traditional shopping and entertainment centers.

The following below are a suggested set of conditions to make a location ideal. High pedestrian traffic areas are the best. Examples include:

  • Traffic counts of 30 people every five minutes during off-peak hours.
  • Traffic counts of 70 people every five minutes during lunch hours and from 6 to 8 p.m.
  • Traffic counts of over 100 people every five minutes on weekends.
  • We’re also interested in knowing about the number of annual visitors to a property where the store will be located.

Some key points for stores in shopping malls.

• Toward the center of the mall and on the most active level is preferred.

• Food courts will be considered, but are preferred to be at the corner or entrance for the food court.

Pre-Opening Training

Prior to opening Nacho King! in your country, franchise partners will complete a comprehensive training program over a period of 7-10 days (location TBD). Areas of training and development include:

  • Site selection
  • Lease negotiation
  • Store design, layout
  • Equipment specifications
  • Store construction
  • Product preparation
  • Menu innovation
  • Store management
  • Marketing, promotions
  • Cost analysis
  • Store support, business consulting

During the first several months of launch, Nacho King! recommends that the franchisee maintain in country a franchiser staff member (at cost) for a period of time until the local management is comfortable with store operations and standards.

Areas of On-going Support

Nacho King! continues to provide support including the following:

  • Training
  • Store Operations
  • Marketing and Creative Services
  • Public Relations and Communications
  • Franchising
  • Accounting
  • Purchasing


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