Franchise Background


305011_518646784818737_333155977_nNacho King! started its first franchise in 1998. Since then it has born many new fulfilling their dreams of becoming business owners. We work with you one on one, first to identify what your goals and/or business objectives are, do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, do you have enough capital to invest, and most importantly, have you chosen a location or locations that you feel good about. We will collaborate every step of the way ironing out as much of the details as possible and the ‘what if’ scenarios. When you decide to invest, you are on your way to becoming a proud entrepreneur.



Joining the Nacho King! family as a franchisee means you will be taking advantage of the following amazing benefits:


The Product

Everything that is served at Nacho King! has been prepared by us or exclusively for us. Every single ingredient is meticulously made to meet our quality standards. This is why you will never find anything like it. Our products consist of corn tortilla chips with various toppings like nacho cheese, salsa, jalapenos, chili beef, and many others.

Name Recognition

Instant customer base! How does that sound? A household name, people will see the signs and go to your branch because they know you serve those one-of-a-kind Nacho King! nachos. We have built our name over the last 15 years, since 1995.

Umatchable Product & Concept

Sixteen years in the making, we have yet to have a major direct competitor in our field. Why? Because our products are of the purest ingredients and are difficult to replicate or source. Nobody serves nachos with our superior quality, fresh, fast, and hot on the spot.

Low Cost of Goods

Since we make majority of our products in-house, your price is as low as it gets. If we buy it elsewhere, our volume/buying discount is passed on directly to you.

A Proven Business System

The system you will be trained with has been tried and tested over the last fifteen years and hundreds of outlets.


We are proud to say that we are one of the few if not the only in the kiosk industry that sets a budget for advertising. We also come out in monthly publications and have other advertising schemes in the making.

Guaranteed Lowest Franchise Fees & Fixed Low Royalty Fees

Look around and you’ll see we have the most competitive franchise fee in the market. This is because we are after long-term growth and committment rather than short-term profits. Moreover, our royalty fees are fixed at a very low price (if any) and remain there regardless of how well you do.

Location Selection

We will help you find and choose a location, evaluate its feasiblity, negotiate your lease, and help you deliver and set-up your cart.

Personnel Recruitment

Realizing this may be your first crack at a food service business, or a business for that matter, we will help you if needed find qualified staff to assist in running your outlets efficiently and effectively.


Our training is as detailed and extensive as training can get. You will learn everything from cart operations, customer service, inventory controls, profitability management, and marketing techniques, among many others.

Operating Assistance

We will constantly monitor how you fair and we will continuously provide you with support and assistance. We have a dedicated franchise department with qualified staff who is always available to you on call and are 100% committed to the success of your franchise!

Additional Income

Aside from your permanent outlet, you can also gain additional income from being in parties, fairs, bazaars, and more. Look into wholesale distribution and our Mobile cart program also. Ask about this unique franchise offer.


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