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Nacho King! provides the yummiest nacho cart catering in the country! Since 1995, we have been serving mouthwatering fresh and hot nachos. Our number one goal is to provide our customers with top-notch service and the best staff, along with an enjoyable serving of nachos.

Our hot, delicious nachos are made with rich, creamy melted cheese sauce-just like at the movies! You can even add jalapenos, ground juicy beef, salsa and chili beef. Our company makes sure to use only the best ingredients. You’ll taste the quality in every bite. And not only is our food great, but the warm and welcoming Nacho King staff serves our nachos from a stylish cart that will add a cheerful mood to your event.

You can relax knowing that Nacho King’s staff will arrive at your gathering on time and looking their very best. We pride ourselves on our warm, friendly service with a smile. We take our work very seriously, therefore we ensure you a great taste of our Nachos!

But caterings / events aren’t all we do! We also offer franchising. As a matter of fact as a business opportunity, you can buy a flexi cart and do your own caterings! NACHO KING! CATERING is the perfect catering for your next birthday party, family reunion, company event, or any festive gathering!

We know that hosting an event, no matter what the size, can be stressful and hiring NACHO KING will ease your mind so that you can ensure that your guest will have fun!

Let us be a part of your next event!


Steps in booking with Nacho King! Catering

1. Select a package

2. Read the terms and conditions.

3. Email / contact us the following information

  • full name
  • event name
  • time
  • date
  • when
  • where
  • selected package

4. A catering officer from Nacho King! will then respond confirming if the dates are available and will send you an agreement form which you will fill up. Bank details will be included in the form.

5.  A copy of the deposit slip and signed agreement form shall be sent to a Nacho King catering officer.


Catering Packages


Additional Toppings



Terms and Conditions:

  1. The catering service duration shall be for a maximum of 4 hours starting from setup time. If client desires additional hours from the standard maximum hours contracted above, client must signify and arrange details with Nacho King’s Catering Officer before the day of event in which case, an additional amount of Php200 per cart per hour will be charged to the client.
  2. Premium fee of Php200 per cart per hour will be charged to the client for events falling on regular holidays.
  3. If the actual number of guests do not meet the number as per reservation for or if the total quantity of food reserved id not consumed, adjustment or refund will not be made and excess food items will be given to the client.
  4. Cancellation requires 48 business hours or (2) business days in advance for a full refund.  Same day cancellations by the client for whatever reason will be subject to 50% refund of the amount paid but subject for approval.
  5. Nacho King shall not be liable for any damage or injury caused to the customer, customer’s guest except if such damage or loss is due to the fault or gross negligence of Nacho King Employees. In any event, the liability of  Nacho King for any damage or injury caused to the customer or any of the customer’s guest shall not exceed Php500.00.
  6. A down payment of 50% shall be required upon booking. Full payment must be made in cash 72 hours before the date of the event.
  7. All payments shall be deposited to Nacho King’s bank account
  8. A copy of the bank validated deposit slip and Catering Agreement form, signed by the client should be received by Nacho King’s Catering Officer.